Maximum visibility

Advertising - stand out in the long term

In today's advertising and media landscape, the most important thing is to stand out. Your advertising needs to stand out, otherwise it will be completely lost. We love the stylish provocation combined with strong images. You are currently seeing an example in the background.

target group

We work tailored to your target group and work with you to analyze how your target group thinks and what motivates your target group and what provokes your target group. Are you already known to the target group or are you new to their perception?

your offer

How does your offer, i.e. your product or service, benefit your target group? Is there a clear benefit or do you need to constantly encourage the community or do you want to keep the brand of your company high in order to attract employees?

your channel

Where would you like to advertise and how can you advertise? Social media, print, cinema, television? Do you want to advertise permanently to maintain your visibility or selectively to implement short-term goals such as recruiting new employees?


Based on the three foundations of your target group, your offer and your channel, we work with you to develop the relevant content (videos, photos). After final coordination, we start implementing and producing the content.

Advertising with maximum horsepower

You can't achieve impact with mass, i.e. advertising messages and advertising content that don't stand out from the crowd will be lost. We at ego-shooters are niche. Niches are not mass. We know exactly how the crowd responds to our individual niches and we draw our creativity from this knowledge to help you stand out from the crowd.

How does the example photo affect you? What is your background? Depending on your target group, you will react differently to this photo. We have combined: Good-looking woman with an aggressive face with fur. This photo creates different stimuli that, when combined individually, do not create a clear image in the mind and therefore the viewer stays glued to this image for longer. Depending on the target group, the fur is provocative.

The second photo looks like a typical cigarette advertising photo from days gone by. Nowadays, this type of content no longer exists in the advertising landscape. For this reason, it is suitable for advertising products. Example of a slogan for this image: "You look at the cigarette - we look at the leather jacket."

Fashionfoto Pelz Streichholz
Verena happy Fashion

Make it Bääm

Advertising goal: employee recruitment

In many areas, the job market in Germany is changing into an applicant market, i.e. due to the lack of suitable applicants, applicants are no longer competing for a position in the company, but rather companies are competing to recruit employees. We help you create content for special employee advertising. If desired, we can also bring a specialist on board to carry out the campaign, with whom you can then place the advertising in the desired channel.

businessfoto it-consultant weiblich
businessfoto und Bewerbungsfoto bonn freundlicher mitarbeiter ludger
Businessfoto bonn geschäftsführer bart anzug auch als Bewerbungsfoto nutzbar
Bewerbungsfoto Bonn schauspielerin julika



Would you like to effectively promote your brand or event with creative and appealing promotional videos? We at ego-shooters bring a pinch of heavy metal to your promotion.

Our promotional videos are designed to capture your customers' attention and showcase your brand in a very individual, unique way. The stronger the impact of our content, the higher the conversion on your site, i.e. the better the content, the lower the budget required for advertising to achieve the desired result.


Advertising of products and services

Your product or service needs to stand out. It must also be noticed by the right target group and be remembered for a long time. We will work with you to design the right content for your marketing goals, tailored to your target group.

Depending on the orientation, the resulting content is not excessively loud. It is important that you hit exactly the nerve of your target group.

The example video in this section had the requirement: Budget-friendly, addressed to real bookworms and the images generated in the video do not depict scenes from the book in too much detail, as it is an advertisement for a book and not a film. For this thriller, we chose an appropriate lost place location and recreated a reading, filling this reading with a few abstract scenes and then adding adjusted color grading and subtle effects.

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