Character portraits

relentless - direct - catchy

Character portraits in the photo studio or on location

A character portrait is deep and relatively unsparing. In a character portrait, the focus is on gravity and a certain calmness,

The character portrait is tailored to the individuality and impact of the model.

Fascination of harshness

Due to the multitude of filters currently available to every smartphone user, we are surrounded by flawless models with smooth skin without pores. The apps available now even allow you to completely customize your figure and facial features, even in videos. Our character portraits provide a loud and strong counterpoint here! Our character portraits are direct, a little darker and we enhance prominent facial features and wrinkles in post-processing rather than destroying them with automatic filters (pimples and the like are of course corrected beforehand). The final portrait is unique and filled with the personal individuality of the model/person in front of the camera.

Photo session in the studio

A photo session in our studio lasts about an hour. The subsequent retouching is very time-consuming, as we retouch in great detail so as not to destroy the individual features and properties of the model by simply ironing them out.

Our character portraits are very suitable for self-marketing for creative people such as artists, comedians, authors (as author photos), musicians, etc.

Approximate time table

  • Preliminary discussion and planning of the shoot a few days before the shoot.
  • Photo shoot in our studio. The shooting takes place very calmly, with little influence on our part, so that a photo that is typical of you is created.
  • After the shoot, the retouching takes place. You will receive the photo approximately one week after the shoot.

Impact harshness

Our character portraits briefly explained

The boss briefly explains the character portraits as different from our other photos.

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Direct - raw - powerful

Advantages of our character portraits

Maximum individuality

We will work with you to create a truly unique piece! A character portrait is your individuality paired with our professionalism to create a unique masterpiece.

Perfect team

In the studio or on-location, i.e. at a location of your choice, e.g. to include the background in the photo.

Professional post-processing

Special ego-shooters image editing for character portraits: raw, direct, hard.

Steps to your character portrait


make an appointment

To make an appointment, send us an inquiry via our contact form or call us. We should discuss the photo briefly over the phone so that we can address your goals in detail.


Photo shooting

We prefer to take photos in our studio in Bonn. However, external appointments are possible without any problems, especially if you have a special location in mind for the background.


Download photos

After the photo session, we will send you the preview photos via our in-house cloud. Once you have selected the final photo, we will implement the editing. Editing character portraits is very time-consuming and takes up to 5 days because we take breaks between each step to avoid excessive retouching.

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