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Master Lighting in JUST 14 days!

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Never struggle again with lighting in photography! Our course is straight forward giving you all you need to master your lighting skills. This course will enable you to actually UNDERSTAND lighting, for that you can create that image you got in your mind.

14 - days money-back guarantee

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55+ lessons - 5.5+ hours

One Course for Everything

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We make you understand how the final image was created. We are explaining the complete route to the final image in our course. It's not just the lighting or just the gear or just the post-processing. We are explaining the complete process to you so you will understand what is happening in camera, in front of camera and in post-processing.

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Lighting OR post-processing?

Most online lighting tutorials miss out the part that comes after the image was taken and presenting a final image that was (heavily) processed in post.

We teach and demonstrate exactly what made the final image.

Leverage our experience

We put our experience from over 1,100 shoots and shooting more than 1,800 people into this course. Our course lives by its no-Voodoo practicality, because in commercial photography results count.

Customers served!

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Years of experience

people shot in our studio


Customers served!

1 +

Years of experience

Our Course: Your 14 Days for Lighting Mastery

"I never thought I could take photos like I am doing now"


Explaining how to master lighting in 14 days and basics of photography.

All about gear (1-3 days)

What gear do you need and which not - what is important and what is not important - cameras, flashes, speedlights, lightmeter, modifiers, accessories and more.

How to use your gear (3-5 days)

All the background information about how to use your gear. How does flash work in conjunction with a camera, white balance, mixed white balance, corrective gels, creative gels. how to expose, positive and negative fill and much more.

GIF - how to gear
Let's shoot (3-5 days)

Live shoots explaining different light setups and different influences that make the final image. You will understand how lights work and what influences the light in your final image.

GIF - lets shoot
Understanding how the final image was created plus final project (3-7 days)

We are providing direct insights in how images we shot were created and what are the ingredients that made the final image happen. Was it the choice of light? The camera? The lens? The model? The Make-up?

At the end you plan and shoot your own final project for this course.

I love the "no voodoo" style of teaching

"ego-shootes do teach straight forward without any voodoo trash talk. The insights in how the image was actually shot and processed really made me understand lighting and photography."

Some of our work

Mastering Lighting Will Change Your Photography

Live your passion

Get the most out of your passion creating stunning images that gain attention, and most important: Photos you love!

Get more models

The better your photos get the easier it is to attract more professional models that want to work with you, enabling you to level-up your creative process even further.

Go commercial

Dreaming of becoming a commercial photographer? Part-time or full-time? Take your portfolio to the next level so you will get that next job you intend to.

All in one

Lost in the world of free tutorials and individual bits and pieces? Missing the big picture? This course puts all at your hands, working from ground up to mastery of lighting.

Make It Count! Become Professional!

Use the right gear!

We get the Voodoo out of gear talks. Most things are more straight forward as you might think.

set a light

Learn how to plan your shoots!

Planning and visualizing are the magic ingredients to great images!

Impress with your shots!

Once all the new stuff you learned settles, you will be amazed of the images you will create.

love your creations

What you'll get!

We designed our course to assist you with the complete journey from start to finish of an image. This includes planning a shoot, planning the lighting, conducting the shoot and we will also explain to you which ingredients created the final image.

  • Complete journey from planning via the shoot to the final image.
  • Designed for beginners, hobbyists and emerging professionals.
  • Learn at your own pace with structured, flexible content.
  • Real-world applications with a final project based on your own ideas.

BONUS! Your questions - our answers

Yes, you can get direct support in your learning phase via our support ticket system. Feel free to ask questions, and we are happy to answer, and we will even incorporate your inspiration and suggestions into our course to make it even better. This is a PROMISE!

What Makes Us Different?

We are showing you how the final image is being created, including the visuals of post-processing! 

We want YOU to succeed and get to your goals in photography!

We listen!

Already 10% of our course was added based on feedback from our course-community

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 14-day Money-Back Guarantee.




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  • 5.5+ hours in 55+ lessons
  • accessible 24/7 all days
  • ask questions via our support ticket system
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • follow your dreams
  • master lighting in 14 days
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About your teacher

Henning is a German photographer based near Cologne. He shot over 1,500 models in the past eight years, and his passion is people photography. He is well known for is ability to work with people in front of the camera to get the best shot out of the model. His images are direct with a wide variety of styles from business to beast mode. Due to working with business customer, artists and also with advertisement, he is very experienced in adapting the lighting style to the individual project plus he is well known to be capable of breaking complexity down to small and easy to digest chunks.

Why is his image so dark? It is not dark! This is called "dramatic lighting" :-)