Color grading

Color correction and looks for videos

Color grading - color correction and color settings for videos

Professional color grading for videos, to correct recording errors, to improve quality and especially as a special look as part of the creative process.

Wir sind für den Industriestandard im Color-Grading, die Software Davinci-Resolve, zertifiziert

Color grading of your video projects

What is color grading?

The German term for “color grading” is “color correction” or “color adjustment”. The colorist's work goes beyond just setting the white balance. In pure correction, in addition to the white balance, all possible side effects are corrected, such as color contamination due to color reflections, light sources with different color temperatures, correcting skin tones, lighting errors, etc. In the creative part of color grading, special looks are created that emphasize the respective scene This also includes local adjustments, for example limited to the face.

Why color grading?

When you record a movie without using a camera, the camera software interprets sensor data of the scene. By adjusting the colors, contrasts and local changes, color grading creates the final look, the mood of the scene.
The color grading is based on the type of video in question. Documentaries are generally set in color very close to reality in order to create an atmosphere as if you were there on location. In contrast, for very artistic videos such as music videos, commercials or feature films, grading emphasizes the desired mood to be created.

More professional results through color grading

Good color grading gives you a harmonious image, and you can also push the mood of the video in the desired direction by manipulating the colors, contrasts and light gradients.

Color grading: Example

Example global and local color grading

Attached you can see a recording from one of our videos.

  1. Original footage - brownish-yellowish
  2. Exposure and contrast adjustment with emphasis on person
  3. Color adjustment - sofa changes color from brownish to greenish
  4. Second color adjustment (local) - greenish color cast removed from the wall on the left

Result: Clear and distinct image with good color contrasts and emphasizing the cool atmosphere of the location.


Color grading as Service

Every modern film has a unique look. Anyone who doesn't use color grading is only playing in the second league these days.

Color Grading

Does your material contain errors in the color area such as incorrect white balance, color casts due to different light sources, strong vignettes? We correct these as required.

Consistent Look

Have you completed a finished video such as a documentary, a promotional video or similar and shot it with many different cameras? We color-match the individual shots to create a uniform and consistent look.

Make it Pop!

Particularly in advertising films, individual elements such as the focus product must be particularly highlighted. Color grading supports global and local adjustments and creates the desired emotion.

Impress your Audience!

Nowadays, very creative and emotional videos all have a special color look. We are happy to help develop and implement this look.

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