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Effective business photos and corporate headshots

Business photographers ego-shooters: Our corporate photography for your website and your documents for marketing and company presentations. Please also note our business photos on site service.

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Business quality - the difference

Business photos require a strong expression, seriousness and competence, for employee portraits and especially for managing director portraits. At ego-shooters we have a keen eye for what’s important. For business portraits and corporate headshots, we work directly with the person in front of the camera using our proven coaching system to achieve the desired business expression. When it comes to event reports, we inform ourselves in detail about the content of the event and the important participants and players before the shoot in order to capture the important and effective key moments during the shoot.

Businessfoto Geschäftsführerportrait starke Pose freundlich
Businessfoto Consultant Bank Portrait seitlich

Briefly explain our business photos

The boss briefly explains the business photos and the process of the shoot.

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Business portraits in studio

Individual appointments or come to our studio with your entire team. With our professional coaching in front of the camera, we ensure that you receive photos of your team that you are highly satisfied with. In our experience, this also increases the willingness to publish photos of oneself on the intranet or internet.


  • Better internal and external representation of your team and your company
  • Satisfied employees through high-quality photos instead of less advantageous cell phone photos
  • Appreciative event - One of our most common feedback is that team members expressly appreciate that a photographer was hired
Businessfoto Consultant Bank Portrait frontal

on-location shoot

Time-saving photo session on site

Fotostudio Bonn oder vor Ort

Do you want to save valuable working time or do you have a team spread over a large area, but everyone comes to an event in one place on the same day? We would be happy to photograph you and your team "on-location", i.e. at a location of your choice outside of our studio, with our
Business photos on site service. We only need a few square meters of space for our mobile studio.

We are happy to photograph very large teams on several dates on site, special conditions possible, please request a quote.


  • Time savings per employee through on-site photos
  • “Come-together” effect: All employees in one place, e.g. at conferences and similar events
  • If necessary, include the locations in the photos
  • No negative latecomer effect: We can photograph new employees who join later in the same style at a later date. We prepare this accordingly.

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Advantages of our business photos

No licensing model

After the shoot, the photos belong 100% to the client, i.e. we do not have a licensing model, the photos are fully licensed for our client. This gives you full cost control and completely uncomplicated use of the photos. This means there are no additional administrative expenses in the area of license management.

Active coaching

Professional coaching during the shoot, i.e. you and your employees don't "perform", but rather we guide you. We take photos directly into a laptop and the results can be viewed directly on site. Thanks to our years of experience, we can achieve very good results in a very short time, with which the respective “model” feels very comfortable.

Relaxed photo shoot

For individual appointments in the studio or on location, we bring a lot of time with us, depending on how much time we have available. However, even with short 15-minute appointments, we are able to carry them out in a relaxed atmosphere. Our tried and tested system ensures the necessary self-confidence on the “model side” within a very short time.

Perfect post-processing

The final selected photos are professionally and high-quality retouched (= retouching). The extent of retouching is discussed at the end of each shoot. We send the preview photos for selecting the final photo after the photo session, so that the final photo can be selected in peace afterwards, especially in the case of short appointments. Typical retouching work includes: adjusting dark circles under the eyes, shadows in glasses, removing pimples, etc.

Public Relations

Event reportage business events

We photograph events in your company as a photo report. We completely immerse ourselves in the event and capture the mood and important moments. Before the event, we will hold a short meeting to outline the course of your event and important action points so that we can ensure that we capture all the moments that are important to you. We can also set up a small mobile studio on site if you would like your visitors to be additionally portrayed.

Businessfoto Eventreportage Vortrag Geschäftsführer mit Mikro
Businessfotos Eventfotos Interaktionen
Businessfoto Eventreportage

*Customer AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants GmbH

Your business photos in three steps


Initial consultation

Call us or send us a message using our contact form. We will briefly discuss your project with you and, if necessary, create an individual offer for you.


Photo shoot

We photograph in our studio or on location. The photo shoot will be carried out as previously defined. Individual appointments without special requirements are based on ours
Application photos with respective modifications depending on the industry and for the respective purpose of the photos.


Download photos

After the photo session, you will receive the preview photos via our company-internal cloud to select the final photo. We professionally retouch the selected photo and deliver the photo digitally in full resolution via our cloud service. Also available in different resolutions upon request.

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