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Testimonials are short interviews with one or more of your customers in which they talk about positive experiences with your company. We combine these testimonials with scenes from your company and produce a very well-rounded and coherent video. Testimonials are direct, honest, tangible and, like reviews, one of the most effective marketing tools.

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Testimonials are and appear very honest, straightforward and direct. The viewer feels in direct connection with another customer of your company.

Produced Quickly

Der Produktionsaufwand für Testimonials ist in den meisten Fällen sehr gering, d.h. wir können diese sehr kurzfristig und sehr schnell produzieren und das Video ist sofort einsetzbar.


Like the well-known "star ratings", testimonials are extremely effective because third-party opinions are perceived as much more reliable than the company's statements about their products.

Promotional Video

Due to the emotional closeness of the viewer to your customer in the video, testimonials are also very suitable as an advertising video for your social media marketing campaigns.

Testimonials by ego-shooters

Our team has experience in the field of online marketing and is therefore ideally suited to implement your testimonial video with you. We will sit down with you and work with you to create the most effective testimonial video.

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  • analysis
  • planning
  • shoot and post production


Your testimonial video in three steps


Contact us - Analysis

Call us or send us a message using our contact form. We would be happy to discuss your project with you without obligation and then start the analysis.


Planning and Shoot

We plan the video based on our conversation together and plan the shoot. The shoot includes recording the interview with your customer as well as recordings of you, your company and your product, each of which matches the goal and interview of the testimonial.


Post and Download

After filming, we start post-production. We provide you with the filmed material to view, provide us with coordination and finally discuss the storyline, and then we start editing and finishing the video. You will then receive the video for download via our in-house cloud.

ego-shooters Testimonial Clothing Shop
ego-shooters testimonial coffee shop waitress
ego-shooters Testimonial Coffee Shop

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