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Event photographer in Bonn for event reports - business events and concerts

As event photographers, we immerse ourselves in your event almost unnoticed and photograph the events. Good pre-planning is important to us so that we can capture all the moments that are important to you. ego-shooters - professional event photography!

What you get

Event reports - photo reports

In our role as event photographers, we document all facets of your event, whether business events or concerts. We will discuss the basic course of the event and your priorities with you in advance, i.e. which individual highlights of the event are important to you and/or which people, etc. We deliver the photos within 12-48 hours (details can be agreed upon), as usual as a download via our in-house cloud. We will determine the desired formats and resolutions in consultation with you.

for small and large events

Photo reportage standard

If it is a simple event, i.e. there is no major change in venue or major events during the event that would require several people on our side (photographers, lighting assistants, etc.), then this is a standard photo report. A photographer will be on site and will take photos in close coordination with you.

for dynamic events

Photo report expanded

If the event is very dynamic, i.e. something happens in many places at the same time or in quick succession, we will need more staff so that we can capture all the events as desired. Our personnel planning is based on the exact course of the event on site and your specifications regarding the desired photo documentation.

for premium events

Premium photo report

If your event needs a little extra attention and documentation, we expand our run 'n' gun photo documentation with an on-site studio for high-quality portrait shots (e.g. red carpet reception). Your visitors will be photographed in front of the desired backdrop in a high-quality manner using a professional studio flash system.

Atmospheric quality

In contrast to static studio shots, a good photo is created in event photography in a fraction of a second. It is important to know the topic and the actors of the event as well as to correctly assess the individual events in order to press the trigger at the right moment. We at ego-shooters love action and interaction and have an eye for important and unique moments!

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Your event photos in three steps


contact us!

Please contact us so that we can discuss in detail what type of event it is and what your exact goals are. On this basis, we then create a precise plan and an offer.



We will be there early and photograph your event as discussed and planned. We are used to small changes during the event and can react quickly to them on site. We can also provide individual photos during the event.


Download photos

After the event, we edit and export the photos according to your specifications. Depending on the planning, scope and order, we make the photos available for download via our in-house cloud within 12 to 48 hours.


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