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Music videos and Location Scouting

Great locations or green screen or real engine or good story or all of the above? Compared to the beginning of M-TV, the possibilities these days are almost endless. What required an entire production team in the 1980s can now be implemented for costs that were already budgeted for the camera used back then.

Music videos are creative - contact us directly so we can talk about your project.


ego-shooters is happy to support you with the creative implementation of video ideas and the direct mapping of the technical possibilities and resulting costs.


We have a very good network of experts in a wide range of areas, from video technology to make-up to special effects.

Project Mgmt

Thanks to our years of experience in project management, including outside media creation, we can guarantee a smooth process.


Thanks to our lean cost structure and our network, we can serve the entire range, including casting extras and location scouting.

Martin Behr guitar solo in field
Martin Behr guitar solo
music video electric guitar

Music Videos - Max Creativity

Creativity determines the result and the effect on the target group, not the budget. We like to work with our customers right from the start in the creative phase to achieve the maximum result.

Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

  • creativität
  • storyboard
  • location
  • special effects


Musikvideo: Martin Behr - Floating

Label: The Orchard (Tochterfirma Sony/BMG)

Requested style: 80s/90s with a focus on musicians based on given example videos

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