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Editorial photos tell stories

The so-called “editorial photos” are photos that either visually represent the content of an article as the primary photo or photos that tell a story themselves, without any accompanying text. Our editorial photos are often used for artist photos, author photos, fashion photos, beauty photos and fine art.


Photos in the style of "Barbie and Ken in Gloss-Angeles" are some of the only photos that I can't take for granted. I am constantly looking for the stronger expression in the model. From my experience, this is also the more effective and impressive one with the greatest long-term effect.

Henning Mack

founder ego-shooters


Unser Stil ist etwas härter und direkter als derzeit üblich, besonders bezogen auf Plattformen der Sozialen Medien. Es fällt nur auf, was nicht in der Masse untergeht.


We work with our customers/models on the basis of personal individuality and combine this with our photographic style and experience. The goal is expressive and highly individual photos.


With ego-shooters you can plan the photos you want in detail. We do not leave anything to chance. We work with you on the final photos in detail so that you get exactly what you planned.

Planning and execution

We are used to implementing requirements precisely and planning the entire shooting process precisely. We implement larger projects routinely and efficiently without neglecting artistic creativity.

In Style

Editorial styles selection

Moody Fashion Looks

Fashionfoto Grunge Imthatfrankie auffordernd
Fashion high-key Beauty frontal
Fashionfoto Fotostudio
Aktfoto Janina mit Papiertüte obacht
Aktfoto Janina mit Papiertüte oh mein Gott
Aktfoto Janina mit Papiertüte Raptor


Weirdo Stuff

Künstlerfotos Verena Clownwitwe in weiss
Künstlerfotos Verena die Äbtin
Künstlerfotos Bonn Fabienne Bangbanana
Künstlerfotos Bonn DJ Lafarius Performance
Künstlerfotos DJ Lafarius moody
Künstlerfotos Bonn DJ Lafarius am Pult in Action



Planning and execution

We work order-related with a high level of customer orientation and professionalism.

Requirements and planning

We work project-oriented and customer-oriented. We work with you to develop the goals and requirements for the photos to be produced and then plan the next steps. We are therefore able to implement small to very large projects. We have extensive experience in project management.


We carry out the shooting together with you. If you cannot be there, it is possible that we can broadcast the session remotely in real time over the Internet and work with you via a live connection.

Professional post-processing

We have many years of experience in people retouching through to very complex retouching in the fashion sector. We can carry out retouching for editorials in a very complex manner, so that even oversized prints can be produced without errors.

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