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Agency service - media creation

Don't you just need photos or videos? Do you need concepts and creativity for more complex projects? Under “Media Creation” we offer exactly these complete solutions for your specific needs. This includes many individual components such as creative services, planning, project management and of course the finished content.


Creative and effective marketing with impressive videos and photos, tailored to entire campaigns and consumer stories! The full horsepower for your marketing!


Entertainment and infotainment: Keep engagement high on all your channels: image videos, employer branding, short films, interviews, music videos.

Branded Content

We produce your own content for you! Goodbye anonymous content from image databases, hello personal content from your own company and your own products!


Everything about business such as employee branding, Business photos, content for marketing documents, event reports, managing director photos, investor meetings.

Media creation has project character

As soon as you no longer just need simple photos or videos for which you can define exactly what is shown in these photos and videos, you have come to the right place in the area of media creation. Media creation has a project character and starts with the creative phase, followed by planning the shoots and post-production. We are happy to take on media creation as an overall project or sub-project.


Advertising - Marketing

We produce catchy advertising messages. We like to provoke with style and play with opposites. Effective videos and photos need the right amount of rough edges to spark initial interest in the target group. The longer we can fascinate the viewer, the stronger the advertising message manifests itself.

As you can see, our “edgy marketing” works because we were able to captivate you up to this point. We deliberately chose the photo that supports the article. It combines a high-quality fashion style with a rather cheeky facial expression. At first glance, these two aspects don't fit together, so your brain gives the command to look longer at the photo to understand it. We have piqued your interest! Read more about advertising here:

Fashionfoto Pelz Streichholz


Entertainment - Customer Engagement

Visibility and customer loyalty, image and recruiting are closely related. By “entertainment” we don’t just mean “entertainment”. Entertaining content should retain the viewer for longer - in the case of a video, it would be watched to the end or clicked on several times. The goal is a long-term commitment to your company, your product, your service. The following applies: Emotions bind people more long-term and more effectively than pure facts.

Through targeted entertainment and infotainment in the form of image videos, short films or interviews, you can increase your branding towards your customers. In the case of “employer branding” also towards your current and future employees.

Everything you need to know about our entertainment services:

ego-shooters entertainment

Music Video - Martin Behr - Label THE ORCHARD (Sony Music)


branded Content

Websites, videos or marketing documents are often implemented using so-called “stock videos” and “stock images”. Large providers offer a wide variety of content, which then has to be licensed for the respective use. The advantage is quick availability and a large selection, the disadvantage is the complex licensing depending on the application and area. More importantly, stock videos and stock photos don't show you or your business.

“Branded content” means that we produce our own content for you in the form of photos and videos. This content shows your brand. Not only are license costs and license management eliminated, but your content becomes more individual, more targeted and more effective.

Read more about branded content:

ego-shooters Stockvideo

Typisches Stockvideo - anonyme Szene - kein Kontext erkennbar



In the "Business" section you will find everything you need to produce the content you need for your active business. These include business photos of employees, managing directors, event photos from events, marketing photos, employee branding, videos from your events (anniversaries, shareholders' meetings), content for your social media presence, etc.

You have the choice: individual order or series of orders. We are happy to take on regular content production, such as for social media or recurring employee portraits.

You can find further information about the business area here:

Businessfotos Eventfotos Interaktionen
Businessfoto Consultant Bank Headshot
Businessfoto Mitarbeiterportrait Gruppenfoto

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