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we are ego-shooters

We are


We love people, heavy metal and strong, meaningful, deeply emotional videos and photos.


We have years of experience in photography and videography, some starting at the age of 12.


We are emotional, we love emotions far away from Barbie and Ken, we are more oriented towards the Adams Family and black humor.


We have eggs. We love strength in all our works, from subtle to powerful, and we have the courage to push boundaries.

Deep Impact

We are very deep, we don't like superficialities. The profound sound of heavy metal booms in our works.


ego-shooters - we are a freelance team of photographers, video producers, make-up artists and models in Bonn and specialists in people photography and videography, i.e. photos and videos of and with people. We love people, and we specialize in bringing out the authentic "ME" in each person. We take photos in our photo studio in Bonn or on site at a special location or at the customer's home. We often produce videos at unusual locations or directly at the customer's site.


Fotograf Henning Mack - Video, Fotograf, Scripting, Postproduction

Henning - Owner

Photo, video, post-production, scripting, metal nerd

Bastian ego-shooters Fotograf


Photo, post-production, natural light expert

Anna - ego-shooters - make-up artist - model


Make-up artist, model, happy happy mood supply

ego-shooters Kai Video Postproduction


Video, photo, post-production


Our photographic focus

We specialize in photography of and with people, especially in a business environment, including: application photos / headshots, business photos, sports portraits and character portraits. Why are these all business photos? Of course, we also photograph private individuals, but our photos are mainly used for commercial purposes such as photos for the intranet and for marketing documents, author photos, advertising, sponsorship, etc. We are characterized by our special eye for strong and profound statements and expressions, and we are able to do so ourselves to create very expressive photos in a very short time with people without any camera experience. Voodoo? No - experience and your own system.

Photo studio in Bonn

We are based in Bonn and take photos in an approximately 100 m² photo studio. We can hold individual appointments as well as group appointments in this studio. We generally take photos with flash, but the studio also has plenty of daylight if desired or if flash photography poses health problems. For more complex productions, we have access to several different rental studios in the region.

We have several areas in the studio for different photos, from large areas for group photos, among other things, to more mystical areas for very expressive and powerful portraits.

Photos on site

With our mobile studio we also take photos on site and on the go. We are able to completely plan and carry out simple and complex shoots, from employee portraits on site to athlete portraits in front of sponsorship walls at events to individual advertising shoots.

Video production

Our style in Video production is based on our work in photography, i.e. we focus on people, and we also pursue a direct, less cute style. We are certified for the video editing and color grading software Davinci Resolve and also offer colo grading services on this basis.

Information for collaborations:

  • Cameras: Basic Sony and Blackmagic
  • Working with timecode preferred
  • Editing hardware: Apple
  •  Audio equipment and gimbals available


The beginning in the darkroom

Our introduction to photography was the classic darkroom and analogue photography in black and white. Actually, as 12-year-olds, we just wanted to take the same cool photos as our detective role models from American series like Magnum p.i., Trio with Four Fists, Simon & Simon. But after we realized that there were simply not enough criminals in our area and that, as 12-year-olds, they didn't want to hire us as private detectives, we started photographing "normal people" too. Countless exciting hours in the darkroom have shaped us; we can still recall the smell of the chemicals from memory.

Heavy Metal and Techno

Admittedly we were always closer to heavy metal than techno. Techno was flashy, cute, colorful and too similar to carnival. We preferred heavy metal for its heaviness and the strong emotional depth with which this music conveys a different connection to life. It is precisely this strength of this music that has had a lasting impact on us.

Everything comes together: intense people photography

What does music have to do with our photography and videography? Well, it is the emotional approach, the basis of our photos. We like to put it like this:

- More metal than hits in the photo
- We can't do Barbie and Ken

We're not talking about wild 80s Iron Maiden covers, we're talking about expression. If you look at our application photos or business photos, i.e. photos that are completely unsuspicious and end up on the covers of heavy metal records, then you will see that the basis of these photos is always a strong and self-confident attitude. This is not a coincidence, we create these photos by transferring our style to the respective model (customers are models too). Even smiling and very friendly photos have a certain basic strength. Our editorials, our sports portraits and character portraits continue this, but we can work much more creatively and also cross the boundaries that naturally exist with application photos and business photos.

Why ego-shooters?

In addition to photography, the company has over a decade of project management know-how. We know how to manage industrial projects and we are very familiar with various industries. Ego-shooters is the right place for you if you need a timeless, intense and catchy style that we can implement in both individual shoots and complex projects.

Action! - Create - Succeed - Repeat

ready for it?


- Create!

- - Succeed!

- - - Repeat!