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Professional photos - For events, applications, portraits, business, sports and advertising

Headshots - Application Photos

Expressive, timeless with perfect results thanks to our sophisticated interactive coaching system for optimal shootings.

Business and Corporate Photos

Photos for your own marketing, your website, your intranet, press releases and more. We photograph in the studio and also on location.

Sports and Artist Photos

Self-marketing, editorials, advertising, sponsor photos. We have energy in our blood and convey the aesthetics of heavy metal with our cameras.

Video Production for Business + Advertising

We produce high-quality videos for business, advertising, social media from simple to cinema quality from interviews to image films incl.
Color Grading.

Specialists in people photography

We are photographers and specialize in photos of people, from business photos and application photos to really crazy and extreme photos for advertising, self-marketing and artist photos. We take photos in our photo studio in Bonn and with our mobile photo studio on-site and on-location.

Our experience tells us that working in front of the camera is just as important as working behind the camera or later in image editing.

Our shoots are lively, communicative and interactive. We don't let professional models or people with no camera experience simply perform in front of the camera alone; we provide professional guidance. Based on our years of experience as photographers, we have developed a coaching system that allows all of our customers and models to feel very comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

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Photography by ego-shooters: Maximum results

We take very high-quality, project-oriented, professional photographs and combine this with a strong orientation towards our customers and the goals of the respective customer order. In this way we achieve maximum results.

  • state of the art technology
  • project-oriented work
  • accurate analysis of customer requirements
  • maximum results


All we are

Why photographers from ego-shooters?



Carrying out photo shoots of all kinds with people requires a high level of experience. Every situation and every person is different. We carry out larger projects professionally, with our high level of in-house expertise in project management, visualization and customer management.


Keep it simple

We are not fans of complicated licensing models. We always try to keep our prices and offers very simple, so that all possible future uses are covered and our customers do not have any follow-up costs, but can calculate simply and directly. If you have any detailed questions, please contact us directly.


Active Coaching

Perfect photos, especially of people who are not camera-savvy, depend heavily on the position and posture and the respective context of the situation depicted. We guide you very precisely during the passages and act like a conductor. Our customers love our coaching system!


Challenge us!

In addition to customers with very precise ideas, we love customers with whom we can be creative together. You are also welcome to outsource the entire creative work to us and we will take care of everything. However, in any creativity, the focus is always on the desired core message.


Direct, authentic, a bit metal

We like the direct and slightly harder style without a lot of frills and less playful. We make no secret of our heavy metal past, we are proud to be able to transfer the aesthetics of heavy metal to our photos, both in the business sector and for artists.


All from a single source?

Would you like to completely outsource the entire project management for your required photos (advertising photos, sponsor photos, marketing campaigns)? We are happy to take over the complete project management including model casting, make-up artists, technology, logistics.




Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance

Through our experience combined with very good preparation in coordination with our customers, we guarantee effective and authentic results.

Photography for business customers

Since the beginning of 2020, the virtual part of the business environment has become increasingly important, including your own intranet and the Internet. The personal connection must also be optimally conveyed via purely digital channels. Ideal: Professional business portraits for you and your employees! In addition to looking professional with our expressive business portraits, your employees and colleagues will be delighted to receive a professional profile photo for Outlook, Teams, website, etc.

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Reference Customers

A selection of our customers

What business photos do you need?

Team Photos

Photos of your team for your website, marketing materials or intranet? We can take photos directly on site or in our studio. We are happy to accept individual requests.

Employee photos - also on site

The typical use case for employee photos is on the intranet and for equipping the individual communication channels such as teams, Outlook, etc. If there are a certain number of items, it makes sense for us to take photos on site with our business photo on site service. For good results, we expect it to take around 15 to 20 minutes per person.

On-site photo shoot

We take photos on site, from simple business photos on site to event reports or marketing photos for advertising campaigns. Our equipment is completely mobile and can be used flexibly in many places.

Photos for the intranet

Typical intranet photos are employee and team photos; depending on the size of the team, these are preferably photographed in a block on site. We estimate 15 to 20 minutes per person.

Photos for linkedin and Xing

For social media in the business sector, we usually photograph business portraits in our studio. The style depends heavily on the desired style of self-marketing, whether it is harder or easier. It's best to talk through the style over the phone.

Managing director photos

Tell us your desired effect and style and we will work with you to create the photo you want. Our coaching pays great attention to the personal effect in the photo, whether in the studio or on location.

Photos for business reports

In addition to a normal business portrait, annual reports often show the team at work. We are happy to offer a combination of business portraits and on-site photos. An event report in the form of a camera present at work is also a common option.

Sedcard photos

Actors and models require current comp cards. In addition to the usual required standard photos, we always try to include something unusual so that our customer stands out more. Here, too, our strength lies in expression.

Musician photos

Metal ,,/, Suggestions and ideas welcome. We know no boundaries!

Conference photos

In addition to the usual event reportage, i.e. a photographer in the style of a run 'n' gun press photographer, we also offer fixed photo booths for conferences. This is a mobile studio setup for high-quality photos of guests, e.g. at the reception area.

Remote office photos

Anyone who sits in their home office for a long time and is sometimes lonely all over the world needs good photos for common communication media such as Messenger, Teams, Zoom, Outlook and Co. Since these are usually individual shoots, we are happy to carry them out in our studio.

Social media photos

Do you need content for your social media presence? One-time or regular? We are happy to offer you both, even in a cheaper, regular subscription model.

Social media full service

Would you like to completely outsource your social media activities, i.e. both content production and upload including text creation? With the help of our network, we can cover the entire area and are happy to do so.

Marketing photos

The term marketing is a broad term. Marketing photos can be simple event report photos of you and your team in action and/or dedicated advertising photos up to complex advertising production of entire shoots, possibly including video production. We would be happy to offer you this or a partial quantity.

Photos for shareholder meetings

This is a very individual topic that is best discussed briefly over the phone so that we can understand the exact objective and make an appropriate suggestion to you.

Author photos

We created the author photos organically. We've been asked about this by clients and various authors use business style photos, character portrait style photos, or artist style photos for their author photo. Here too, individuality is required and we should discuss this briefly over the phone or in person.

Composings for book covers

Do you want it to be more surreal or do you need a photo that cannot be produced at a suitable location due to time constraints? We can create the desired photo using Photoshop composing.

Industry reports

Reports in the industrial sector are usually combinations of photos of the locations and industrial plants and the people working there "in action". We can depict these reports in different dramatic ways. In this case, we like to work in a team made up of different disciplines.


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