Business photos on site service

Business photos on site

We take photos directly at your location, from individual portraits to large orders with over 100 people spread over several appointments or in a team with several photographers.

Why on-site business photos?

Time saving

Your employees can go to the photo shoot directly from their workplace and then go straight back to their workplace.

Come together

They are spread across many locations and have come together for an event and want to use it for photos.

Special location

You would like to include your or special rooms in the photo.


The photos are taken in a special context, for example a local event.

businessfoto geschäftsführerportrait stark energetisch
Businessfoto mit Brille Consultant
Bewerbungsfoto Bonn Geschäftsführer Sakko und Hemd weiß
businessfoto it-consultant weiblich

Sizes of on-site shoots

2 to approx. 24 people

We can work with up to 30 minutes per appointment for up to 24 people per appointment. These appointment sizes are well suited for very high quality photos.

up to 40 people

An appointment size of 40 people allows us to plan at least 10 minutes per person. This time is sufficient for very good results.

up to 80 people

A number of 80 people at one appointment is the maximum number of people that can be photographed per appointment and photographer. The time of at least 5 minutes per person is enough for us to achieve a print that is significantly better than “passport photo quality”.

With our camera coaching we work directly with the person in front of the camera. The longer we can work per person, the more direct and authentic the expression becomes. We try to maximize satisfaction per person so that your employees and colleagues are happy to use and post the final photo. If the time per person is longer, a special expression can be used starting from around 15 minutes, e.g. "very confident" for business reports or "a little more dominant" for shareholder reports.


maximum service

Process of an on-site employee shoot

1. Appointment

We would be happy to arrange appointments with your employees for larger appointments. We provide you with a link where your employees can choose a time on the respective day and register themselves.

2. Photoshoot

We will be there about 30 minutes before the start of the photo shoot and will set up. We take photos directly on site into a laptop so that your employees can evaluate and pre-select the photos directly. This increases satisfaction and confidence in the photos taken.

3. Final selection and retouching

We will make the preselected photos available after the appointment for selecting the final photo. The final selected photo is post-processed/retouched by us, depending on the order, and then delivered digitally via our in-house cloud.


Typical business photos taken on site

Employee portraits

Portraits of your employees for applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn, offers, website, etc.

Marketing photos

Photos specifically for marketing such as photos from production / in action and of special applications and procedures that are to be shown including photos for marketing materials and advertising.

Managing director portraits

Portraits of the managing director or the managing directors, shareholders and board of directors for applications on the intranet and for external appearance.

Business reports

Photos for annual reports and shareholder documents. These photos include photos of the relevant people as well as documentary photos of relevant events in the company.

Team photos

Photos of the team for internal and external purposes such as internal communication for distributed work or for the website and brochures.


Event reports and photographic accompaniment of events in the company or in public for special occasions that need to be documented photographically. Additional Information:
Event reports

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